Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So, "infrastructure" is the new bussword of the day?

Not only is King Putt using it as another excuse for a stimulus, but the RINO Boehner is going to use it too.

This time they're going to fix the highways- like they were going to "fix" the infrastructure with the money they wasted in the last two "Stimuli" that went to ,,,,ummm not bridges, because all of ours are all of  sudden falling down.
Highways? That's a state thing, Transportation? Well the UAW does make cars....

So now we have people on both sides of the aisle talking about needing to fix infrastructure, just like fat stupid kids are a threat to our national security- right MEchelle?


  1. Well, Virginia could use a new interstate highway from DC to Richmond. I-95 has nowhere nearly enouogh capacity for normal local traffic. all the people just passing through from northern states to southern states just makes it worst. We could pay for it with the money we would save by canceling METRO extensions.

    We could also use a nice fence along our Southern border. The same one we get told every year that we can't afford. It is only 2 Billion. That is only 1% of what we are cutting from defense spending this year.

  2. I should have posted this at the topless Russian chicks post since we all Liebe the bare-brests... But, Liebster, baby! http://anthroblogogy.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-funny-valentineses.html