Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On leadership

Daddybear links to a story on a Marine accused of hazing a slacker who he found asleep on watch- in the 'Stan.
He tells one of those stories that anyone should recognize if they had a good upbringing somewhere along the line.

Here's my story.

I was a booter, just out of CE A-school and the battalion was getting ready to leave Camp Covington in Guam.
The Butler huts we were living in were going to get rehabbed for the next battalion as our Advanced party left and we consolidated quarters.

SO---there being empty barracks and brand new melamine walls (Drywall doesn't last very long @ 100% humidity) and some free spray paint...and cheep beer some of us went to town on the hallway walls.
We didn't think anything of it 'till morning quarters were over and the guilty were called into Chief Hogans office.
He didn't use one foul word, but that lecture on being an adult and self control has lasted me until now.
CE-C Hogan, I thank you.

...And we had to paint the walls as extra duty that night.


  1. Yep, we all have our youthful indiscretions. The trick is to live through them and learn from them.

  2. :)

    Cheap beer has been the undoing of many a poor sailor lad.

    As a young E3 I found myself in in Subic City, out in the Bataan jungle. The bar was a plank on two barrels surrounded by bamboo poles stuck in the ground. The wall looked flimsy, so I hit it with my famous right hook.

    Next morning I reported to sick bay on the USS Dixie with a useless purple hand, scared witless at what the "injury due to misconduct" report would do to my chances of making E4 quickly. The Navy's most humane doctor looked it over, did his healing magic, and wrote on the form: "NDM (not due misconduct). Patient was demonstrating physical prowess." I regret I never looked the man up to buy him a drink.