Thursday, February 16, 2012

About that San Diego police stand-off the other day

-The one where they were holding an empty car at gunpoint:

I have some questions, like
  • The guy called his Parole Officer to tell him he had a car problem, and probably where- so WHY was it such a big deal that they get him "then"?
  • Nobody looked into the front windshield?
  • Dropping a BRANCH onto the rear window? Seriously? a BRANCH?
  • Then sending a dog in to be sure there wasn't anyone hiding before you used a battering ram(srsly?) to open the trunk?
  • Why did Chief Inspector Clouseau think that if a gun battle DID start that no one on the road would have been hit? Because of the fine marksmanship we always hear about when 150 shots were fired and three hit the subject? How do you know Mr. Criminal mastermind wouldn't target cars?
  • The guy already was in for some serious bux for his engine repair- who's going to pay for the bodywork now?
Yeah, don't worry Citizen- we know what we're doing- We're professionals!

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  1. They are so quick to battering ram a door and shoot someone or their pet at 4a.m. BUT they can't find out if someone is in a car for over 2 hours and then throw branches at it????