Monday, February 13, 2012

I would so love to jump on this...

But unfortunately no matter how pretty, I have bills to pay.

 Add a peep sight on the tang...

Le sigh...


  1. You would do a lot better with one of the clones of the '92 Winchester or the Marlin 1894. They are both much lighter and many times stronger.

    I own an 1894C Marlin and have reached slightly over 2000 fps with a 158 grain Hornady XTP hollowpoint and Hodgdon's LilGun powder. I also have one of the Rossi clones of the '92 Winchester, this one the octagon barreled rifle in .45 Colt, with that I can just about equal the old Remington 300 grain factory load in .45-70.

    There is a reason that the factories did not come out with the high speed loads in the old WCF rounds until the '86 and '92 Winchesters.

  2. I like the way it looks- almost pre-school.

    Besides Chaparral is a good Italian company that makes other clones being sold today. My Colt conversion open-top was a Chaparral that shot better than the wife's Tauraus revolver with a slightly shorter barrel and adjustable sights.