Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A pre-buttle to November 7th and the Establishment party

Now that you're looking to blame all the voters that didn't swarm the polls to vote for the soggy piece of white toast you put in front of us -AGAIN.
You really need to look at WHY no-one showed up for the guy who bought his way into the race, and your usual status quo "it's his turn" ideas of no losing too badly.

You had good solid candidates at the beginning that I would have gladly voted for, but you and the rest of the so-called conservative punditry latched on to the only guy who would lose the election, because after losing to McCain- it was his turn to lose this election.

I don't know what the House and Senate look like, but I hope for the sake of out future that we have an unvetoable majority of conservatives so that there are some limits put on the wannabe dictator.

And for you people- GFY, I'm looking for a new party.

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