Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It took a Democrat schemer to make me see the truth

This guy is the Washington Insider that Ulsterman interviews for insight into the behind the scenes political machinations and what we can expect.

He knows what's behind the scene behind the curtain, and he's convinced me that, yeah- I'll vote for whoever the Machine puts up.

He also explains why each Republican candidate has taken the lead to be hammered in turn...ecxept for Rick Perry.
UM:  The RedState story?  On Santorum’s big government – his less than conservative record?
Insider:  Yeah – that stupid sh-t your put up on the blog. Knock that sh-t off.  Like right now.  No more of it.  I don’t wanna see no more of it.  Obama is the target.  Go after Obama and stay the f-ck outta messin’ with the other…the primary stories.  At least don’t go pittin’ one candidate against the others – media doin’ enough of that.  Don’t need you and everyone else like you falling right in line and doin’ the same like a bunch a braindead liberal bloggin’ fool soldiers.  Focus everything – and I mean everything, on messin’ with Obama.  The other stuff…the Republican primary…they are running a classic pump and dump. Been doin’ it against them for months.  I warned you about it – sh-t…how long ago now?  Were you not listening to me?
UM:  Pump and dump?  I don’t recall hearing that term.
Insider:  I told you about that…pretty sure I did.  Maybe it was someone else?  Don’t matter…so long as you don’t keep fallin’ for it.  You and everyone else who pretends they are paying attention to this stuff.
UM:  What is…what is a “pump and dump”?
Insider:  It’s old school politics.  A political tactic.  Been around since Jesus was a kid.  It’s – now you remember the “McCain the Campaign” thing, right?  How he was done then shot up in the polls outta nowhere.  Money started pouring in.  I know you gotta remember that.  A political pump and dump is a version of that…it’s the version.  The McCain thing was a bit of a variation but the principle is exactly the same.
UM:  And what is the principle?  The purpose?
Insider:  Chaos.  Uncertainty.  Infighting.  Repress the vote.  You notice the stories about low voter turnout?  You see that happening?  That’s gotta be makin’ the Obama people very-very happy.  Godd–mn Republicans are losing this thing.  Idiots gonna lose this if they don’t get their sh-t together right quick now.


I’ve read the comments by people sayin’ they are conservative.  If Romney gets the nomination…or if Gingrich gets the nomination…or if Santorum gets the nomination…whoever gets the f-cking nomination – they are sayin’ they won’t voter for them because “they’re just like Obama.”  Really?  Is that right?  BULLSH-T.  There ain’t nobody “just like Obama” people.  Believe me.  You ain’t got a f-cking clue if that’s what you really think.  This country ain’t seen anybody reach the White House like Obama.  Or more importantly – the people around Obama.  The ones supporting and pushing Obama.  Giving him the agenda, the words, the whole f-cking plan.  So shut the hell up about not voting for the Republican because they are “just like Obama.”  That kind of talk is comin’ from somebody who either is dumb as f-ck or is working for the campaign.  The Obama campaign.  And they are crawling all over your stupid Facebook thing.  And leaving comments on your stories.  I warned you about that.  There’s gonna be more of it.  A lot more.  You hear somebody saying they won’t support the Republican because they are ”just like Obama” – you ignore that sh-t.  It  ain’t worth your time.
Any of these Republicans – ANY OF THEM, are a hell of an improvement over Barack Obama.  If it’s Santorum, or Romney, or Gingrich, or Paul…you fall in line and you support that candidate and you vote Obama the f-ck out.  That’s the goal.  That’s your motivation.  PERIOD.  Because if you don’t do that…if you give this administration four more years…I’ve already said enough on that, right?  It’s never going back…the country…this version of America is finished and I got no real idea as to how different it’s gonna be.  We won’t recognize it – I know that.  I was talking to a fella last week about the Senate…plans to take the Senate.  Republicans.  As a stop-gap, right?  You know what he told me?  Looked me straight in the eye and said – “It won’t matter.  He has pushed executive authority so far already…it won’t matter.  Give him a couple more Supreme Court nominees…it won’t matter.  If he gets the White House again…IT WON’T MATTER.”
Gave me chills to hear that.  This guy don’t talk like that.  He’s seen and done more than me with this stuff…and he sounded downright defeated.  And we’re not even in March yet.  So yeah - you Republicans better fall in line when that nominee is chosen.  No more of this political purity I want the perfect candidate nonsense. Grow the f-ck up and vote out Obama.

I'm not sure if this is the same WH insider as I've been reading because his language isn't as refined/educated as it usually is. So that tells me that he's really trying to get things done to oust Obama, or he's a different insider- but I doubt it.

RTWT and lets fight that socialist.

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