Sunday, February 26, 2012

Suprisingly enough I don't have much to say about "Walking"

Shane is/was a cop and he is/was a firearms instructor.
Why is he carrying Mexican? Surely there are enough holsters around that he doesn't have to take a chance of damaging  his tackle for Andrea when they leave.

I now know that this show is based on a comic book graphic novel *eyeroll*, but seriously...
Taking "Hell on Wheels" off for  "Comicbook Men"????

To steal an acronym from 0bama- WTF?

Is it me, or does Andrea suddenly seem to look a lot older this season?


  1. AMC has probably run through as many episodes of Hell On Wheels as they ordered, probably have to wait for more to be filmed at this point.

    I'm getting a bit numb dealing with the stupidity of the group on The Walking Dead. I'm wondering why in hell someone doesn't just get in Rick's face and confront him, ask him who made him the boss of the group, and ask for a "town hall" meeting to discuss ways and means of survival. The last plan they had was to go to Ft. Benning, that was ended by the Philadelphia folks' news. Where are they going now? Hershell doesn't want them on the farm any more.

  2. It was an entertaining episode in spite of, or perhaps because of, the monumental stupidity of our survivors. The whole 'hoards of dead folks trying to eat them' business seems to slip their minds an awful lot.

    One thing that did bother me was the writers punting on what the kid knew about the raider gang he was with. You would think that, considering the time he must have been with them to recover, they would have beat that information out of him.

    Instead there is no mention at all about it -- so the raiders are either forgotten and never to be heard from again, or their reappearance will be an unexpected surprise. Either situation is a glaring plot hole.

  3. I'm not a Hollywood writer, so if I was in a zombie survival mode- I think I'd either be living on a boat or an island.

    The boat has the advantage of travel, but the island has land where you can raise things.

    Of course there is the fence made of #2 stranded hooked up to a 47MKVA MEPS generator (it has an emergency stop the safety crap switch and just run till you burn up)that all my chiefs said I couldn't make were we were doing FEX training.

    I think they were worried about the Marines...

  4. I figure in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse I would be shambling around looking for brains to eat. Sure, on the downside I would be dead, but on the plus side it seems like a pretty care free lifestyle.

  5. They still haven't rediscovered chain link fence?

  6. I like my 12KVA fence better.
    Drink beer at night and watch the fireworks :-)

  7. Regarding your update: Andrea looks like she tripped and fell into a vat of botox this season.

  8. It may have been the light, but it looked like whatever drugs she's been on during the break added a lot of mileage to her face.