Friday, February 03, 2012

Ok, so who has heard of this scam?

Wife checked into her Hotmail account and she can't get in because they said she sent out some hugely bogus amounts of spam..or something.
NOW...Hotmail-is asking for her cell phone #...a different e-mail address...AND her credit card #.

Is Anonymous now taking over private e-mail accounts?

She's back, had to restore her (VISTA) computer to the middle of Jan. and get a new password- AND uninstall F/F and reinstall it.


  1. I'd not heard of it, but a quick online search suggests she's not the only one. The credit card info request makes it seriously fishy though and if you haven't already run a complete set of virus/malware scans then do so, and don't enter any info it asks for! Donno how computer literate you are (haven't read here much sorry) but if you don't already have Malwarebytes I'd highly suggest using that to scan with, you can get it for free from

  2. Ran the virus scans and malewarebytes.
    We even tried on our other computers and got the same thing.

    My disused hotmail worked fine.

  3. Found this:

    and this:

    at least some of the info appears to be uptodate and one of them gives a phone number. Didn't double check any of it, but I'd go with a phone call over trying to do it online since it got hacked in the first place

    and just as I hit post I found this:

    hope that helps, but they shouldn't be asking for a CC number reguardless

  4. Anyone asking for a CC number when you aren't buying something is up to no good.

  5. Google has been after me to give them a cell phone number to associate to my account. I just ignore them. If they ask for a credit card number, I will ignore them a second time.

  6. If pressed, I've been known to give the local or stat DNC phone number.

    And I'm starting to think that CC number was to try to get her to upgrade to Hotmail+ or something.