Thursday, February 02, 2012

More examples of the pussification of American males

Alternate title- How could she do that to the poor boy?

So we have a 36year old cougar (34 when she did him) who 'ruined the 16 (14 at the time) year-olds life.
because she 'forced' him to have relations -and now his life is hell because:
  1. H.S. girls are wanting to go out with him (for his experience)
  2. Guys are asking him for advice.
I feel his pain.
I guess I should be glad my life was never ruined like that. Too bed I never got the chance to find out.


  1. I actually dated my HS librarian, but only after I graduated. She liked me, but wasn't willing to risk that sort of penalty during the school year.

  2. Somebody (Limbaugh?) once said about another such case, "That's not child abuse. That's hitting the jackpot."

  3. I got that chance. Those are still fond memories. I didn't tell anyone, not my best friend, certainly not my parents and the po-po.