Monday, February 06, 2012

The harder I try, the worse I do

On this game of space filling.
I've got to level seven once, but have to start over every time.

BUT- on the better side of things, I've been awarded the "Liebster Award" from both Guffaw and Pissed.

Thank you both gentlemen.
And the rules are to pass it on to worthy blogs of 200 followers or less, so we'll be updating this as we go blogsurfing tonight.

In no particular order (or the order they ended up on the blogroll).
  • We'll start out with Flares into Darkness for his eccentric posts and letting our future overlords do some mind bending for our own good. 
  • Then we have the wonderful Jennifer, who will go down in intratuubz history for her answer to things like the drunken Harry Potter and his views of American politics- and people who wear Carhartt chore jackets.
  • Lastly on the revolving blogroll is Free0352 and his soldiers take on life, liberty and liberals.


  1. That's got to be the most talked about post I've ever written. LOL

  2. You DID win the intratubz with that one.


    Tagged again. You were one of my 5 and when I came here to leave a comment, I found you had already been tagged.

  4. I'm honored. I'm, also, a little confused. This is a new one on me, so I'll have to wade through the details.

  5. That's cute, but this is better.

    I dare you to put it in your sidebar.

  6. Glad to be of service, my friend!

  7. Hey, thanks for the award. I've passed it on.