Friday, February 03, 2012

Keep throwing money at them

Because the Teachers Unions deserve your tax money and free bennies for this:

But- hey, they only have so much time to teach sex-ed, gender equality and estoric poetry that they don't have time in the 8 months they teach to do those other petty things like math, history and geology.


  1. That is so pathetic. Thus I arive at the conclusion that the only point of public sachool is to keep the little ones off the streets until they are old enough to join the Army.

  2. But they're to stupid to join the army.

  3. Well, at least some of them ae cute...

    Not to defend teachers(there is a reason my wife home schools) but, I'm not sure how much of the blame belongs on the individual teachers, and how much belongs on the system. What can you expect from a system where there is no consequence for failure.

  4. The system is inseparable from the teachers. You may as well blame the students.

    But this doesn't bother me since we homeschooled and my daughter will be competing against those 'tards for the rest of her life. The bad news is that their votes will cancel hers out for the rest of their lives and longer.

  5. These sorts of clips are always funny, but the thing that strikes me is the humor relies on the audience knowing the answers so they can laugh at the stupid things the people say.

    So, the questions asked are actually pretty good indicators of what most people do in fact know.

  6. Best line "Canada! No, that's a state."

    As far as teachers go, I am a math teacher, over the course of the year so far I have reviewed a basic concept of algebra with my junior math class at least fifteen times. Each time someone makes the mistake I show examples of why it won't work, I show them algebra, I show them a geometric proof, I remind them of their algebra class and how they did it there, I use humor, I have them write it in their notes, in their toolkits. Today I gave a pop quiz and fourteen out of thirty one students made that mistake in the first line of the problem. I refuse to take responsibility for that.

    1. Not paying attention is the kids fault. I flunked out of algebra in (like 8th grade) and never wanted to get near it again. I was doing electronic circuit designs in the Navy when I realized "Crap- I'm doing algebra!".

      That's completely different from the kids NOT being taught American history or social studies.

      But these same kids can tell you about 70 different sex acts to do by yourself...which they learned on 6th grade.