Sunday, March 18, 2012

I know I have Ron Paul backers who read this blog

I admit that I like a lot of what he says- BUT  his foreign policy views turn a lot of people off.

Then add in what most people think of when they see R. P. supporters with their in-your-face single mindedness that to me puts him in Ross Perot territory.

I was going to make this another post, but Willard isn't worth it.
 I don't know how many or if I have any Mittens supporters here because I'm sure Ann Coulter or Matt Drudge don't come here, and I don't pay them to root for anyone.

This is why the Establishment Republican candidate will lose in November.
Because the only people who like a bully is Liberals, and only if he's on their side. 


  1. Well thanks for cheering me up (NOT).

  2. I'm a RP backer and I managed not to get in trouble this weekend so you won't hear anything about me in the news.

  3. I'm not as pessimistic as you. I think that once this primary is over (soon, please!) the candidate can start focusing on the failures of the Obama administration. The economy, foreign policy, gas prices, unemployment. Right now all the R candidates are artificially low because they are spending their time focusing on each other. I think either Mitt or Santorum has the potential to beat Obama handily and Gringrich might. Santorum has looked weaker more recently due to his insistence of saying stupid things about social issues but in the end, all three candidates are far more conservative than Obama, regardless of their differences.


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