Monday, March 26, 2012

Chicago-on-the-Patomac must be worried

King Putts numbers are in the tank and he must already be losing to Romney in most inside polls.

That's why they're not waiting until the Establishment Candidate assumes his rightful position before they blindside him with Romneykare.

Now we have someone who anyone with the slightest bit of constitutional understanding has to vote for- since Santorum showed that he has no understanding of the term "innocent until proven guilty."


  1. Santorum stepped onto the Crazy Bus a few weeks ago when he called for the eradication of internet porn (sure, let's just start taking away Freedom of Speech right off the bat) and then recently said he'd rather OBAMA than Romney.

    Idiot. Step aside.


  2. Actually it was that he would enforce the laws as written (just like all the other ones did earlier).

    But, yeah- this proves he doesn't have what it takes to roll back the galloping socialism we're riding right now.

    ...Of course, I don't think Romney does either, but maybe we can keep pushing his "its business" button.

  3. I couldn't believe Santorum said that. An absolute, blithering idiot.


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