Thursday, March 29, 2012

All or nothing?

If that's the only choice  SCOTUS has, then lets go with nothing.

No one really had problems paying for health insurance untill the .GOV started getting involved in the `80's, then as they got more involved in solving the "problem" of health access- the cost went through the roof, and hasn't stopped.

The more involved the .GOV gets, the more it'll be managed like the Post Office or any DOT office you've been to.


  1. I watched part of Greta last night. During a discussion with one of her guests, they (both lawyers) discussed procedure for review of a law. Part of the procedure is determining if there is a severability clause. If one isn't found, it's assumed the creators of the law wanted all, or none. Since the clause for the A.H.A was removed by the Senate, it goes beyond assumption.

  2. Worth a read.

  3. I work in EMS We collect 33c for every dollar we bill How can we stay in business you ask. We just charge 3 times what it really costs. The person with insurance pays for the other two One of the other 2 is the medicare/medicaid patient. They pay 1/10the of the actual cost 18 to 24 months later. The other never pays The bad news is it is soon to be 1 out of 4 paying, and after obama care kicks in 1 out of 20