Sunday, March 18, 2012

So Matt Drudge

Tell me when that third world country S.E. of FLA became a state?
Because it's my 25 year old opinion that Puerto Ricans don't really LIKE America.

But I guess if you're bought and paid for you can write any headlines you want.

I mean the Puerto Ricans don't like us, but the people who made their living on the bombing range of Vieques Island loved us....until the Liberals forced us to stop using their island, and forced the entire population onto welfare...

But hey!
Romney wants us to make them a state, so why worry about making a third world shithole (who hate America) an equal member of this greatest county in the world.
It's only money we'll be shovelling into it forever- just like Detroit.

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  1. Obviously, he was speaking prophetically. Among the various candidates, PR is the only territory that occasionally has a referedum on statehood, showing they at least care about the process.

    What is funny is that we normally ignore the districts in primaries because they really have no say. They are particularly worthless in a Republican primary since in the general election, they are going to cast all their electoral votes for the Democrats, every year, without fail.