Saturday, March 24, 2012

One last thing one that Trayvon Martin lynch mob

I hope the racists who are trying to lynch an Hispanic man for defending himself are happy, be cause your most racial president just told you that his racebaiters in his Justice Department are going to be all Waco on Zimmerman.

And- to put this outrage into perspective, I'd like to remind you about the outpouring of indignation from the MSM and the usual race pimps over this story two weeks before...

You remember, the 13 year old WHITE boy who forced those two 16 year old Black boys to pour gasoline over him and light it?
And why is it allegedly for the blacks and set in stone for Zimmerman?


  1. Although from what I've read he followed the kid down the street. The kid wasn't doing anything. I'm withholding judgement until we know more, but it isn't really self defense if you follow a guy around and harass him until he reacts, then shoot him.

  2. An interesting analysis of the right to self defense vs the duty to retreat over at Volokh Conspiracy.

    He doesn't address the facts of the Martin-Zimmerman case but covers the general rule of law, including the specific requirements of Florida law pretty nicely.

  3. You can't believe 3/4 quarters of what "you read". I've seen stuff I've worked on professionally end up in the paper and it's not even CLOSE to being what information was available, let alone what was true.

    I'll reserve judgement until the facts are out. All I know is we have a black youth, a man with broken bones in his face, a gun and everyone forming their own opinion based on little more than smoke and lies.