Saturday, March 03, 2012

On one of the facebook pages I go to

A Liberal got made a member.

The first time I had anything to do with him was something that had nothing to do with the Chicago Jeezus' race- until he came in shouting "RACISM!!!"
And we had a ...discussion.
This happened on other posts where things were tangentially touching on his "gawd" and he'd jump in with both shit covered boots and start throwing Liberal talking points and twisting the previous posts.

You know- typical Liberal.

Now, two of the sites (notice the spelling Dwain -if you ever find this) are ratcheting down on anything that could possibly be political.
Which pretty much ends up like a party with the C.O. and the S.P.s watching the festivities.

This Liberal did what they usually do. Raise shit until the authorities clamp down and disappear.

Now we're censored and Lib-boy isn't on the member-list anymore.


  1. Yeah, but as usual- all the normal people have to live with the results of what he did.



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