Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The 'Notice To Proceed'

We can't even put paint on the ground until the Air Force gives us one.

We were supposed to start Feb. 13th.
I have all the accounts set up, got my Poly gas pipe fusion certs, sent off a Material take-off.
 I'm almost done with our schedule and procedures.

THEN- after we get the NTP, we can't start digging for two weeks while they do line locates.

But at least I'll be able to start fusing the mile of 6" poly pipe together.


  1. The notice to proceed is pushed back until the notice comes one day before the completion date. At that time, they wonder why you can't complete 3 months of work in 3 days.

    "Can't you put two crews on the project and work around the clock?"

    Did you get the tracked rig with its own generator for fusing?

  2. We're renting the little one for the 6" and buying the PitBull for the rest.

    It sounds like we'll be getting the NTP early next week.