Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hold mah beer, I'm going in

So for the last several days I noticed the main computer hanging up, so I cleaned and scanned and updated.
Then both Avast and Microsqush decided I needed important updates, so I did, then the trouble started.
-As in 'oops, we seem to have lost some script that'll let us actually START your computer'.

The only way I can get it to run is in Safe Mode...with internet- SO in theory I can send my files by mail to myself, right?
Since I can't write anything to a CD...


Lets try restore to factory settings and see what kind of options I have there?

Lets try the one that'll back up files!

June 15

Looks like the mini-nuke worked, now I just have to try finding the backups that I can't figure out how to find....
Since it didn't ask me to insert a CD to download.....


  1. Good luck. It's been my experience that system restore fixes absolutely nothing. Might be better of uninstalling the updates and see how that works. Do you have another computer? If so, you could download Parted Magic, burn it disk, pop in the tray of the affected computer and start it up. You'll be able to access you files and burn them to disk in the event you need to wipe your hard drive and re-install Winblows.

  2. If you need, I can mail you a Live-CD version of Ubuntu Linux. No need to install, it'll run off the CD and give you access to your files to save to an external drive, thumb drive, or CD/DVD. If you have access to another computer, the Live-CD version of Ubuntu Linux is free and easy to find on the 'net.