Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Still doing business with bank of America?

After all those new fees and payments they're soaking you with?

Guess what Bunky, between the old $20 billion and their newest $50 billion climat change scam, they could have let you bank for free all these years.

If you add in the $45 billion they got from TARP, they should be paying you to bank there.
Instead, you're paying through the nose for them to kick you in the nards every time you think about making a purchas or deposit.


  1. I kiched them to the curb years ago. The alternates aren't a whole lot better. I'm using cash a lot more, plastic is for travel, just in case and paid off in full monthly to keep the credit rating alive, but that's it.

  2. Got away from them some years back. I was with a local bank, which was bought out by Boatmen's, which was bought out by NationsBank, who was then taken over by BofA. They were the only ones who started messing with terms of agreement, so that was kinda a clue we wouldn't get along.

  3. Not me. Got away from them a few months ago. Won't go back.