Monday, June 11, 2012

Where to go with this one?

She must be a Democrat.
Why yes she is, she's the Bexar County Elections administrator (of the heavily Democrat and hispanic influenced controlling party) who poo-poos the need for photo IDs.

  “When you register you have to give us either a DPS number, or the last four digits of your Social Security Number,” she said.

  Callanan says that immediately starts running its way through various state and federal data bases.

  “It’s run through the Social Security database, it’s run through the DPS database,” she said.

  Illegal immigrants are not allowed to have Social Security numbers, and the DPS database includes records of convicted felons who are been denied the right to vote.
 Except that illegals can buy a SSN at any Flea Market for $25 (see below) .

She says the process continues when the registration card is mailed out, to make sure the voter really lives at the address he or she put down on the form.

  “Here in Bexar County if we mail out 850,000 cards, we are going to get back about 130,000 of them, because that card cannot be forwarded,” she said.

  Then letters which can be forwarded are mailed out to voters who were not living at the address listed on the registration card, informing them that if their address is changed, they have to re-register at their new precinct.
 When we moved from Maxwell to our present location, I got a new Medina Co. registration in the mail-WITHOUT re-registering. Don't think I had to register in Maxwell after my move either.

She says officials work diligently to make sure the dead are removed from the voter rolls, she is asking survivors to notify her office when voters die, and she points out that some times voter registration cards mailed to people who have died are not returned to her because survivors hold onto them as a ‘keepsake.’
 Another 'keepsake' that Democrats embrace is the "last vote" option that the deceased would have wanted to keep in office....

They say these precautions are actually far more complete and effective than relaying on a ‘government issued photo i.d.’ which can be obtained at a flea market for about $25.   But conservatives say voter fraud is rampant, and point to undercover videos made by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe which show people voting illegally in several places, including one person who cast a ballot in the Washington DC primary by giving voting officials the name of Eric Holder, the Attorney General and opponent of photo i.d.
Remember that $25 Flea Market SSN?
What about people who ‘find a registration card lying on the street,’ the unlikely scenario presented by conservatives as a main reason why photo i.d. is needed.

  “When you sign the poll book, the officials, while they are not playing CSI, are looking closely at those signatures,” she said.
I forgot to sign my new registration when I voted in the primaries a month ago. 
The registrar looked at it and said I had to sign it before I signed the logbook- so I did- in front of him without cracking my wallet.

  Callanan says there are very few if any people in Bexar County who are voting illegally in Bexar County, due to the variety of precautions that are taken.
Yeahright....OK then....


  1. "very few if any" - how the heck would they know for sure? I live in Bexar County - in order to register (at DMV) I first had to obtain a TX driver's license - the soon to expire out of state license I had then had to be surrendered, plus I had to show my SS card and my birth certificate (my retired military ID was insufficient). Then I was allowed to register.
    Why is it that people like her are so resistant to having to show proper ID to vote - they always say 'discrimination' but they have yet to show any evidence whatsoever that it would somehow magically discriminate. Especially when the State of Texas has enacted provisions for anyone to obtain a state issued ID card at no cost. I just don't get it............

  2. Callanan says there are very few if any people in Bexar County who are voting illegally in Bexar County, due to the variety of precautions that are taken.

    Gee, it's all perfectly clear to me now. Just needed her encouraging explanation......