Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The irony is heavy here

After they got so much heat from the same people who were instrumental in the levee failures in N'awlins because of their 'feel good' opposition to upgrading the levees, the Corps of Engineers are trying to *do something* to protect them.

They are going to (try to) cut down every tree growing on or near any levee. I understand in theory that having a large branchy object that turns into a large draggy object that is attached to increasingly sloppy ground would be a concern to people who don't want huge chunks of levee torn away when the tree goes.

BUT- the Libs are leaning on others to stop the indiscriminate killing of defenseless trees unneeded removal of something that hasn't been a problem before.....just to be 'doing something' in response to their accusations.

"The corps' new edict was regarded as a major change in policy," said Ronald Stork, senior policy expert with California Friends of the River in Sacramento. "Something that is cheap and inexpensive is a chain saw. It was something to do that didn't cost a lot of money that made you feel better."

Kinda like most Liberal policies we see quite often- except that this doesn't cost out the @ss like most Liberal feel good policies.

We don't know how long the trees have been here, but they've never caused any problem up until now," said Hugh Youngblood, 61, whose ancestors came to Breston in the 1800s.

On a recent afternoon, his son, who is also named Breston, was upset as he walked the levee, pointing to a heap of limbs.

"They didn't even find a buyer for the wood or the pulp," the son said.

But what about providing habitat for the poor forest creatures?

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