Friday, June 19, 2009

How embarrassing to be an American right now

First we have the French standing up to condemn their erstwhile companions in Iran.
And all Obama had to say was meaningless platitudes,,,,again.

Now we have the Canadians, those oh-so-polite hosers who took in all of our Pansy-assed draft dodgers voicing condemnations against the crooked and violent government in Iran.
And Obama still mouths meaningless platitudes.

I guess he really can't say too much to vilify election fraud when his own administration is actively working to allow a hate organization to intimidate voters and allow a socialist group to conduct massive voter fraud in the 2010 election, not to mention the nationwide Gerrymandering of democrat fiefdoms.

Addendum: Here's another reason to get off my butt and change banks...

“Acorn also has received generous grants from top recipients of federal bailout money. Bank of America (almost $3 million), Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase made big grants to Acorn Housing Corp., one of Acorn's many affiliated organizations.”

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