Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He swings- and misses by a mile

Yes, our dictaphile just went with his gut feeling on a Constitutional issue in Honduras- and slammed the legitimate authorities use of legal force.

In other words- Obama went with his gut and denounced the entire democratic government in Honduras.
...And Hilary honey? Their Constitution defines the processes that the ex-President broke- therefore, it was 'not' a coup. I'm not the smartest woman in the White House and even I know that.

But then, y'all have this knee jerk reaction to protect oppressors of their people- but are strangely extremely reluctant to stand behind a population trying to free itself from a totalitarian state.
I guess it works that the 'enlightened' Legacy media is fascinated by plastic shiny spangly hopienss- and can't see the forest for the trees until they're forced to cut them down for letting the Dear Leader down, somehow.

Lastly, it looks like our slide into comlete socialism is greased with the Minnesota Supreme court validating the Libs newest member of the U.S. Senate to an unassailable majority.

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