Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heard on the radio this morning

On my usual talk radio station (who's lifetime is soon to be numbered).
I didn't catch which school, or school district it was, but it was in the San Antonio area.

This school (Fox?) had just completed their fourth year as a,,,basically failing school, and the superintendent -who still had his job- was explaining the situation as regards to teachers.

None are getting fired.
Some are getting reassigned (to schools who actually make the test).
Actually there are no bad consequences for them failing to do their jobs, and the teachers union is protecting these failures.

Four years, and only now is something being done, because the sitting Super is being forced to make changes because he's presiding over failure. AND he gets to keep his job.

And, I know I said it, but NO ONE is loosing a job, or even getting demoted.

I've been fired for less, and got a one-chance write up for hitting a semi-marked gas line, but I'm not in a powerful overpaid union.

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