Sunday, February 08, 2009


Anybody recognize that number?
You engineers and scientist siddown. I mean anyone who hasn't used higher math since high school?

That's the number for PI, which is really useful for lots of things you depend on every day- from your tires to bridges to satellites for your cell phone.

This article telling about how Indiana almost redefined the number as 3, 3.2 or 4 using fuzzy logic. See the thing about PI is that it's pretty much infinite, and the more decimal places you use- the more accurate you make things.

Anyway, to make a longish story short. A guy with pull went to the Indy Leg. and told them he'd patented a new 'law' of mathematics, and would give them a cut (and free use of the patent) if they'd make the shorter PI a standard in Indy.
Being politicians seeing money, they threw some legislation together without knowing what it really meant and approved it.

Then someone who understood PI wrote an article about it, lambasting the Lege for redefining PI as they did and other papers picked it up.

Being your typical politicians, they snuck back to the capitol and redid the legislation and claimed that they "didn't read the bill" before passing it.

I fully expect to hear that............again............. when this democrat re-election bill sends the country even farther into the hole and even the Obamabots start asking questions.

I guess it's a good thing that they had about three liberal Republicans vote FOR the pork so they can point at the usual escape goats. Thanks Olympia, you didn't disappoint- again.

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