Saturday, February 14, 2009

Texas on my mind

As long as I'm touching on things that directly affect this state:

Lance Armstrong, I call BULLSH!T on your statewide ban on smoking.
You say 'as a cancer survivor, I want to put a statewide ban on a legal product used by responsible adults who willingly associate because *I* don't like it.'
In spit of the fact that second hand tobbacco smoke has never been implicated in testicular cancer.
That dope that those Liberals you're always hanging out with smoke, however IS linked to testicular cancer.....

So when are you going to tell your Liberal buddies to put out the bong when your around?
Yeah, I didn't think so, because it's not cool to be anti illegal substance in your circle.

Tell you what Smoke free Texas-
  • And your 601 poll takers who gave you a 68% anti-smoking opinion
  • and your 27 Texas cities who already outlaw a legal product
  • and the rest of you Socialist who want to outlaw something YOU don't like
-if you lobby to just outright make tobacco products outright illegal, I'll be there behind you because at least you'll be honest about what you're trying to do.
And if it passes, I'm sure it will work just as well as prohibition did in the 30's and the war on drugs is working now.

Oh, look- Lance is working to force his Socialistic ideals on the citizens of Wisconsin, too!

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