Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is this a new radio meme?

I mean, did anyone else hear about the new cuisine at the White House on talk radio this morning?
WOAI was talking about this on their morning news blurb and I was wondering if it was local, or a national fanboi forcing His voice on the air at every chance they get.

I mean really. What does the Teleprompter Messiah know about Soul Food?
His dad was a dark Arab who's family settled in Africa after they got tired of trading slaves.
His mom was white and pawned him of to live with his white grandmother in .... HAWAII.

Now 1600 Penna Ave is going to be serving chitterlings and pigs feet for supper. I wonder how that goes with a nice Arugula salad.

Michelle might have more familiarity with it, but since she was a snobby black princess- I'd bet she doesn't look at it with lots of love either.

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