Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Lets see if I got this right.....

 The Leftists locked the country down for almost two years for an airborne respiratory virus.
Everything and (almost) everyone.

It had the force of law and people were fined and arrested for breaking curfew.
They tried to force a questionable vaxx on the entire country with almost no exceptions- medical or religious.

Now the newest thing down the pike to pie elections id Monkeypox.
Which for some reason is RACIST!!! ....because monkeys- or sumpin.

But nobody is doing anything to stop the spread because doing so would be homophobic, and we need to let them do their thing and not be so harsh about slowing the spread.

Oh! And it's spread through bodily fluids and open sores, so be sure to wear a mask.

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  1. Contrary to popular belief, monkeypox is not a STD. It spreads by casual contact. You can brush up against someone in a crowd and get it. And yes, you can get it from a toilet seat. Of course, the closer and more intimate the contact, the more chance there is of infection.
    It's happenstance that it hit the gays first. With "hookup culture" it could just as easily spread through raves and music festivals, or any other place where young people gather in crowds.
    Virtually everyone who has gotten it was born after 1977. That is significant because that's when smallpox was eradicated and the universal vaccination of the population against smallpox ended. Smallpox and monkeypox are closely related and smallpox vaccination also prevents monkeypox infection.. Older people are at less risk of infection because smallpox vaccination is believed to be effective for up to 75 years.
    This whole thing could be stopped cold immediately by starting smallpox vaccination back up. The government keeps a stockpile of smallpox vaccine in case of a biological warfare attack with plans for widespread inoculation so it could be done. However, just recently they allowed 20 million doses to spoil and had to throw them away. I'm shocked - shocked I say!
    I did some checking to see if anything is actually being done and I found that there are 2 "monkeypox" vaccines. The only people eligible to get them are gay men.