Friday, August 19, 2022

So I got a text from the wife yesterday

*Have yo ever heard of Indianola?*
"IIRR- it was wiped out by a hurricane over 100 years ago."

So she comes up- she's been reading the history of Seguin, TX and I guess a lot of survivors migrated from there and apparently Indianola is a thriving tourist trap now, and she wanted to know if I'd want to visit..... or move there.

"Last time I was there (about 20 years ago) it had one badly maintained two lane road and all the sewer manholes in the entire county were towers about 5' high."
*Why so high?*
"Because that's how high tidal surges get normally. It floods a lot."

*What about going out on a boat deep sea fishing?*
"I'll pay for you to go if you want."
*Why won't you go with me?*
"I get sea sick."
*You were in the Navy....?...*
"I was a SeaBee"
*That's part of the Navy.*
"Seabees don't go on ships."
*We've been married all this time and you never said anything about that."

"I was a Dirt Sailor."
*I've never heard that before*

That's one reason this tat doesn't have fouled anchors or cannons and my green field jacket says Navy on the tape and a Seabee patch on the pocket.


  1. Last time I ran into to a bunch of SeaBee's was on a little patch of dirt in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia.

  2. 22-year Airdale and retired 28 years ago and this is the first time I've heard the term "Dirt Sailor."

    And yes, the SeaBees DID have a really nice First Class Lounge on Dodge.