Monday, May 12, 2008

Our 2nd Amendment weekend

After work Sat, we had a family meet-up at the range in LaCoste.
Thing-1 didn't shoot because "it's not my thing." but her boyfriend had a good time with the pistols -he's more of a shotgun guy.
Karen broke in her .38 Stallion and really likes it, so we'll be doing some talking to Dave at the Powderhorn again.

She doesn't like the Bersa .380 Thunder- the sliding kinda spooks her-
and the Taurus .22 has an awful heavy action compared to the SAA.
So it looks like we'll be on the lookout for a .22 for famfiring, my b-day present and an inexpensive reloading set-up.
We'll only be doing .38's, so we hopefully won't be going through what Steve is with his adventures in reloading.

Sunday, Thing-2 got dragged with us. Boredom works wonders in getting teens to do what they say they don't want to do. She finally ended up shooting the Taurus and wanted to keep her target when we left. and the verdict is the same, two pistols are getting traded off.

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