Saturday, May 03, 2008

Will this happen if a Dem gets elected?

The flight was supposed be for stranded women and children but as soon as the plane landed in Da Nang, it was swamped by South Vietnamese soldiers attempting to flee the oncoming North Vietnamese forces.

There were 260 people aboard a plane which is designed to carry 105. The plane was overloaded by 20,000 pounds. The baggage compartments were loaded with people. Some of the problems during the flight included, the rear stairway remained partially extended for the entire flight, the main wheels would not retract, a hand grenade damage to one of the wings causing fuel loss, and the lower cargo doors were open. The plane had to fly at 10,000 feet because of lack of pressurization thus fuel consumption was three times greater than normal.

It depends, I guess on who it is.
I mean not that there won't be a general American retreat from Iraq- leaving them to their own devices.

I'm wondering if there will BE evacuation flights.
Hillary will send some- not for her humanitarian instincts, but more for political ideals.
Barrack, will probably just abandon them in place because they're not worth saving in his elitist mind.

And in surfing those vids, I found this truth of Democrat military policy.

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