Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Feminine hygiene spray

I went shopping the other day at our local Walmart, which I guess is at the end of the supply line if you look at their selection.

This Walmart always smells like something different. Usually it smells like whatever got broken in the grocery section- mayo, pickle juice, cherry soda...
This week-end it smelled like feminine hygiene spray. All over the store.

What is it with that?
Is it supposed to hide the fact that somethings happening down there?
Is it really that bad that your personal space needs to alter whatever is happening?
My nose isn't that good, so maybe I just can't- and never could- smell 'that change'- except when women (teen girls) took a bath in the stuff.

Or is it just something for aerosol manufacturers to make a couple extra bucks on a natural function?
I had to go to a middle school the other day for work and during class change you could almost see the cloud of masking odor raising from the preteen crowd.


Speaking of Wally-world, We'll be doing without the humungus red bag of Ol' Roy.
because the dogs like it too much. The humungus yellow bag will last about a week longer.

I'm mean, aren't I? I guess you PETArds need to tell Nany Pelosi to do something to lower my costs so I can AFFORD to buy something besides gas.

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