Friday, May 16, 2008

When recycling goes bad

Nope, it's not about stealing, or other illegal things.

I just happened onto something that would make most peacenik Libs beat their heads against a brick wall.

Just think about this-
In the Liberal world, the most Eeeevil thing is the U.S. military -with their scary tanks.

Farther down on their Top Ten Eeeevil things list is Atomic power - and the spent fuel.

What happens when you combine them for the Libs worst nightmare?
You get depleted Uranium sabots (anti-tank rounds) and worst of all- depleated Uranium
frontal armor on the M-1 Abrams out there in Islamoterrorist-land defending tankers from the RoP IEDs.( About a quarter of the way down.)

Ya know, it really must suck to be so down on everything.

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