Sunday, May 04, 2008

I usually don't buy into conspiracy theories

And I sure hope I'm not starting one here, but I haven't seen it anywhere else....

Ok, we all know that the Libs and greenies have always wanted to force people to use mass transit since at least the late 60's, right?

Last Thurs. I heard the S.A. Metro is seeing a massive increase in ridership ,,,because of record shattering prices. Now I read about the massive increase in AMTRAC ridership (about halfway down- right before they start crying for more money) -because of fuel costs.

The light truck market is tanking and eco-friendly boxes are taking their places.

So, am I out of line in thinking it's *NOT* just Democratic 'sloppiness' in managing this energy fiasco, and it being some kind of planned thing to force America into doing their will?

AND, on a slightly similar theory.
I did the weekly shopping and gassed-up at Wally-world at $3.41 and was glad to see it going down.
I never came close to liking anything involved in psych. classes, but I am an observer of people.
I wonder if the oil companies had this price hike planned to make us happy to see gas in the range of $3/gal without massive revolts?
See, keep raising the price way above where you want it to stay, and gradually reduce it to your target price and people will be glad to pay increased prices- with the benefit of extra cash and goodwill for dropping the price to something less outrageous.

Waddya think?

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