Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long day

And it started out with a longer than normal ride to work.

People, that pedal under your right foot? It's called an accelerator. Your car won't get up to (or past) the speed limit if you don't use it.
It took us almost 8 miles to go from a red light up to the speed limit this morning. I know the girl (in the fast lane) was putting on her makeup and wanted a nice clear landing strip in front of her.
The guy not paying attention in the granny lane was playing with his radio.

Anyway, at 7:45PM when we were wrapping up for the day, I told my foreman "If there were any white men at the office- they'd say 'Kurt can take the bucket truck the 20 miles to his house instead of driving the 40 miles back to the office."
" 'Especially since he'll be using it here again as soon as he drives BACK again'."

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