Saturday, May 31, 2008

More racial healing from the Obamamessiah

This time in the form of Fr. Michael Pfleger- who I took as black when I heard his sermon on the radio. But then Foxnews thinks he's a protestant (if you read the caption).

So, are we supposed to get all racial now and start referring to him as some sort of food?
You know, like when the blacks want to act like normal Americans instead of some illiterate thug from the 'hood is called an *Oreo*- black on the outside and white in the middle.
Or a *Coconut* an Hispanic that wants to be mainstream instead of being some barrio vato?
I've hard of Bananas, too

What are feather Indians calling themselves? Dot Indians?

Back to Fr. Pfleger- are we supposed to be calling him a *Snowball* now, or just your average ...Communist Socialist agitator?
I'm not sure of the protocols here. I mean are we supposed to get some racial hatemongers to speak for us while we're shutting down Chicago?
Who do we hit up for extortion money?
Do we get a tee-shirt?

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