Saturday, May 10, 2008

Had rangetime yesterday

My shoulder will never be 100%, so I need to start teaching myself to shoot leftie.

From the looks of my first set of tragets, I won't have to completely start over with the rifle, since I was stringing pretty much verticle from the center. Less than a palm in spread at 25 yards.

The pistols, on the other hand (oooh- a pun) need alot more work.
I don't remember the Taurus .22 having such a stiff hammer and trigger, but it is a DA I'm using as a single action.
I was going to take Karens .38, but wanted her to be the first to shoot it.
We'll be going to the range after I get done with work around noon.
It looks like we'll have to relearn where to aim with that one, because the front sight looks high compaired to the rear- so I guess we'll need to aim high to shoot low.

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