Friday, May 30, 2008

I told you there was something fishy- didn't i?

The more we hear about the thought police religious brown shirts Yearning For Zion Ranch and the legal questions makes me sure my media radar was right.

the vast majority of those "abused" minors who were mothers now turn out to be adults.
Under normal circumstances, the children would not have been automatically stripped from their parents and sent all over Texas- except that it happened to be a non-moslem fundamentalist religion. The state even held an 18 year old ADULT in custody until she gave birth and then sent the newborn to an unrelated group of people in it for the money. (ok, that wasn't fair- but fosters ARE getting my tax money)
Now the state has to return the stolen children to their loving family. Just another example of the state over reaching their authority in this religious witch hunt.

The more that dribbles out of the media black-out the less the state has to show. I heard that the wost charge the DA might be looking at is the polygamy thing- and minor violations like you could be charged with if anyone looked hard enough. It also seems that those pregnant prepubescent teens probably ended up there for a search engine hitcount more than -you know,,,there *really* being pregnant 13 year old girls there.

If you have a question on the MSMs take on things just feel free to ask "Mr. Media BS detectorman".

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