Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Does some body want to remind Ron Paul

That before 9-11 happened we WERE NOT bombing some fictional 100K innocent Iraqi civilians.
And that Bill Clinton was trying to get over on Israel with the Palies?

And as for Bachman using Liberal attack points (you know lies and distortions) about Perrys Garasil mandate ...that he rescinded. We'll be putting her on the decond tier of maybe votes now. Way to make a point Michell.


  1. But having 900 military bases in 130 countries is ridiculous and was not the intent of our founding fathers, needless to say. We need to come home and protect our borders. Eisenhower also warned of the military industrial complex and he was right on the money.

  2. Here's a good one on the Perry thing.


  3. No. They were instead starving those Iraqis to death, something that Madeline Albright said "Was worth it." Yeah, Saddam was packing money into the walls of his mansion. Wah. Fact is, they wouldn't have starved if it weren't for the embargo.

  4. Brass-
    You mean the embargo that was completely undermined by the French and Germans in their money for oil scam?

    Brock- That is one of the few things I almost agree with RP on- except that I consider him the slightly saner version of Ross Perot.