Monday, September 05, 2011

Dear Texas Dove hunters

Try to remember rule four when you're trying to fill a hummingbird mouthful of dove with bird shot.

I know how exiting it is when you're trying to knock one out of the air- BUT- the fiber line of my cable internet isn't birdshot proof.

K?-Tnx, by.

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  1. Years ago, a neighbor had their house peppered by bird shot when a truckload of young men were shooting doves on the power lines. A few days later, I found a strange truck sitting in my driveway. After I walked to the driver's door, I realized it was a game warden. He had a complaint and was waiting.

    Sure enough, before we could finish our conversation, we heard the sound of shotguns and a loud truck in the distance. Off he went and ended the bird hunting from a moving truck.