Friday, September 09, 2011

Well Big Sis did say to watch for middle aged white terrorists

Here is an example of one now :-)

Funny how he thinks that private property means something when it's HIS union halls parking lot, but it's Ok about breaking into private property and holding hostages while they destroy 10,000 tons of grain.

Daym, it's like Al Bundy in an episode of the Twilight zone when your personality changes 180 degrees- or something.

Hey Al, lighten up.


  1. Your not with PR are you.
    WOW, I am not a union basher, just give me a break no sympathy for this Bozo.
    The media guy, got a story did not even have to ask leading questions or anything.
    Act like a thug push people around, not a good move.
    Useful idiot comes to mind.

  2. I wish someone would have f----- up his face. Posted.

  3. This guy gave his union the best PR possible.

    Got to wonder if his union boss had a talk with him later on.