Saturday, September 03, 2011

On Tee Wee right now

on the Science channel we had Stuck with Hackett.
This is a kind of Junkyard wars with a guy (some kind of proffezzorial guy with drealocks) who can make useful things out of junk.

Now, normally I put someone with dreadlocks into the hippie (and useless) catagory- but I don't have a problem admitting I'm wrong (unlike most pols)- so in his last show, making a laundry mat out of an old Delta-88- I have to admit that in the EOTWAWKIT- that might be a good barter idea. Assuming you have the fuel to run a car that's not going anywhere for living supplies.

Me, I think I'll build my stock of always in demand adult beverages. It takes less resources and there's always some kind of demand.

Hey look! Mel Gibson is at Bartertown on the other channel....I wonder if I have a theme tonight?

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