Sunday, September 18, 2011

So could driving a car, Christine Michele

But on The Tonight Show, Bachmann repeated her claim twice. "Again, it's something that potentially could have dangerous side effects," she said.

You know, Mrs. Bachmann, you're really starting to get into Ross Perot territory with your continued harping on the HPV injections.
Not to mention the soundbites you're giving the Democrats when you finally lose most of your support for riding that Gardasil horse to death with your Jenny McCarthy-like lies truth-stretching about non-existent mental retardation.

Hey Michele O'Donnel- There were parental opt-outs built in!
Not to mention that Perry backed down on the thing when his constituants said "Hell NO!"
You on the other hand are dragging this out longer than the entire thing went on here in Texas.

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