Thursday, September 15, 2011

I had a post in mind this morning

But crappy drivers kind of knocked it off the back burner.

But that's ok! I scrapped most of it off the stovetop:-)

This EPA thing about making use pay more for everything because of some grass, or mouse or (in our case) endangered snail darter that'll cost us an extra $150/acre-foot of Edwards aquafier in the near future.

So, my question is-
Given that this administration and to be truthful- most of DeeCee and the environmental movement is made up of Liberals who take pride in their atheism.
Not only atheism, but viral and obsessive anti-religion in the worship of Darwinism.
The ones how view anyone who thinks Genesis might be a viable workaround to the beginning of man- to be anti-scientific trogs who think the entire universe was made in 144 hours.

Now- given their worship of Darwin and his "Survival of the fittest" theory-
and their knowledge of why things go extinct-

Why (besides the fact that they hate civilization) are they so adamant about not letting a non-viable species go where Gaia wants it to?
Are they busy playing God, so they can decide which species lives in spite of their evolutionary choices because they really know better than their god Darwin?

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  1. I call the environmental wingnuts "watermelons" Green on the outside and red inside. All these leftist needed a place to go when their hero the Soviet Union collapsed. They had to find another place where their anti-capitalist mindset can thrive.