Sunday, September 04, 2011

This hardhat protected a steelworker cleaning up the WTC

It's going on display at the (extremely belated) memorial.

I don't have a problem with it being a union proud hardhat, but I do take exception to one sticker.

Can anyone identify it?

No, I don't mean the flag, because back then even the unions weren't so anti-American as they are today.


  1. How much do you want to bet some ASSHAT slapped that on there very recently.. I saw this over at Iowntheworld.. some good comments over there,
    like this one:

    If you had asked anyone who Barack Hussein Obama was after 9-11 the answers would probably have been along the lines of:

    “Wasn’t he one of the pricks that flew the planes into the WTC?”

    “Sounds like a terrorist to me.”

    “Probably some Middle Eastern guy, no?”

    Whoever stuck that fucking sticker on that hardhat should have his or her Goddamned hands cut off.

    Have SOME respect for Chrissakes………

  2. I go with Pissed on that one; some asshole put that on fairly recently. In my opinion that counts as obnoxious graffiti.

  3. Looks a lot newer, I guess somebody added that to the collection to "curry" favor with the establishment.

  4. It looks newer than the rest of them, and didn't exist until the current President was running for office. How did it get on that hard hat?

  5. the obamanites are truly shameless.

  6. It's a Steel Workers for Obama sticker. It fits the rest, really.

  7. Except that no-one but Acorn and other crooks knew who obama was in 2001.