Friday, September 09, 2011

Look for the union label

Any time there's some kind of strong arm, illegal activity involving jobs and easy money- you'll find a union thug involved somehow.

But, then again- isn't that what our socialist-in-chief wants? Payback for 'the Man' keeping "the worker" down? I mean Keerist, those union thugs in Washington are going to defy a judges order to behave like civilized human beings because their bosses tell them to.

Leighton said he felt like a paper tiger because the International Longshore and Warehouse Union clearly ignored a temporary restraining order he issued last week with similar limits. He scheduled a hearing for next Thursday to determine whether the union should be held in civil contempt.

"The regard for the law is absent here," the judge said. "Somebody is going to be hurt seriously.

AND it's not like those communist sympathizers give a shit about anyone getting hurt or dying while they strike for everything they can grab.

1 comment:

  1. Who enforces a federal judge's orders, anyway?

    Paper tiger, indeed. If there's no enforcement, there's no law.