Tuesday, September 06, 2011

i was wondering about this today

Does anyone know if Jimmy Hoffa Jr. holds any kind of Journeymans card endorsements on his free Class CDL- OR more likely, all his experiences are sitting behind a desk and talking tough.

You know, I REALLY wish jimmy Jr would have kept his mouth shut about his UAW union thugs declaring war on me and mine until I'd bought my new Ranger.

Now I'll have to go Jap or Korean. F the Unions. You declare war on me and I'll be damned if I give you any of my money.

Yeah, Jimmy Jr is a teamster union thug.
I'd really like to see him parallel park a 53" dry van, or back into a space in a crowded, busy truck stop in the middle of a blizzard.


  1. As they used to say, all hat and no cattle... In his case it's all mouth and no ass to back it up :-)

  2. Exactly ... Hoffa is a born and bred blowhard ... it's the only thing he knows how to do... period.

  3. That little mazda pickup is the same exact thing as the ranger (I'm assuming here you're talking about the ford). Same basic product but you don't have to worry about any hoffa!

  4. They are built in the same factory, I used to work for Ford building cars. Now I fix planes, not as physically demanding on me;) For what it is worth, the average Ford employee doesn't support the union leadership, and that vexes the leadership. I was a shop steward and I know. I was the only elected official that openly stated that I would not vote for any democrats. I couldn't support anybody that was willing to run our manufacturing base out of the country to support a "green" agenda. To vote democrap would be the surest way to lose our jobs. And I have other issues with them like gun control and appeasement to our enemies.
    Hoffa mouth/ass is writing checks that his hummingbird ass cannot cash.

  5. Screw the unions, but buy American anyway, is my opinion.

    I would buy a Ford - and did, twice - simply because it's the only American car made by a company not sucking on the government tit.