Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An electical tip

For all of you in hurricane land...and maybe blizzardland, too.
I just got done writing my sis in Conroe about her (and moms) power outages. They just got back on the grid.

She bought a gas generator, which was good,,,but had trouble keeping it running because of the gasoline supply problems.

Here's something to think about. Add a natural gas conversion kit to your generator.
Then add a tee and valve somewhere on your side of the gas meter with a coupling for a flex hose to feed your generator.

the reason you want to do that is because unless there is a huge leak, or a major malfunction, the gas utility will try to keep it's lines pressurized. During a hurricane, they might reduce the pressure, but won't shut the gas off for the simple fact that they don't want flooded lines(and the headaches that would cause). For you people up north, if you have gas the ice won't knock out your gas lines.
If you don't have gas, the local utility will be glad to get you onto an account that you can leave inactive until you need it. All the gas guy needs to do is unlock your meter and you have gas powered electricity while your neighbours are freezing in the dark.

Just another helpful hint from MEEeeeee!!!!!

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