Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Left stoops to yet another new low

I was going to say something about those Obama supporters hacking a private e-mail account and publishing the details; but I'm too disgusted with that entire selfishly self absorbed immature mindset that could\would even think something like that was acceptable.

I hold the Obama campaign and the Democrat *anything goes if they're not in lockstep*mode responsible for giving the scent of legitimacy to this criminal harassment. They handed out Private e-mails and a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD'S cell phone number to unhinged lunatics who would love nothing less than violence against her...because her mom happens to be on the wrong side of the ideological divide.

Ok, MR. sent your goons to dig dirt, your cur-dogs did the cyber equivalent of Watergate,,,what are YOU going to do about it?

I hope the FBI and Secret Service hang the b@stards, AND the Dems get booted from office for ten years, since they're the ones condoning this behaviour.

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